Alphabet Baubles

These alphabet baubles are so quick and easy to make, and didn’t cost me a cent! 
I had some spare small white baubles to which I simply attached some alphabet stickers and hung them on the tree.  The kids love them.

I know this because they mysteriously keep moving around. 🙂

And here’s a pic of our Christmas tree this year. I wish I could say I made all the gorgeous fabric decorations, but they were bought a few years ago, before I discovered the joys of diy.  I could have saved a fortune.  Next time …
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Vintage Chair Make Over – The Big Reveal!!!

So just a reminder of what I started with …

And now…
here is the finished chair (I still have the other one to do!).

Don’t you just love it!  
I recovered the fabric with canvas drop cloth.  Yep, I’m hooked on drop cloth. 🙂

Then I printed out this cool french graphic and cut it out with my cutting knife.
Then stencilled the graphic with black paint and added some gorgeous french red stripes.

I decided not to paint the body of the chair as it was in great condition already, instead giving it a good clean and a coat of furniture wax.

I love the contrast it brings to our table of white chairs.  

I’ll be putting the other one at the other end of the table when I’m finished. 🙂

I love my new look chair.  And best of all I had all the materials so it didn’t cost me a cent to do. 🙂
Just a quick reminder of the “before”…
And the “after”. 

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Vintage Chair Make Over

Here are some old chairs I picked up reasonably cheap. 
We needed some more chairs for the usual family Christmas gathering at our house this year, and I’ve never done a chair make over before.
The frames are great, but the green velvet had to go! Fast!!!
To see what I’ve done with them, watch out for tomorrow’s post!  
Even I’m amazed. 🙂
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Our Family Calico and Burlap Christmas Stockings

I Just had to share these cute Christmas stockings I made at the request of my beautiful daughter.  
I’m thrilled with the way they turned out, and so is she! 🙂
I sewed the body of the stockings from calico fabric, then folded the tops over a strip of burlap and added some white ric-rac trim.
Then I cut some strips of red and white check fabric and tied them into bows.  I threaded 2 silver bells on some twine and hot glue gunned them on the burlap trim.
Then I printed off our names in a fancy Victorian font onto transfer paper and ironed them on the top.
Similarly I found a picture of some cute holly sprigs, printed them on transfer paper and ironed them on too.
They are just the right size for a few little treats. 🙂
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 🙂 
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Entertainment Unit Make Over to Side Table Storage Unit

And here is the finished piece …
AGAIN, I forgot to take a before picture, but here is a picture of something very similar to give you an idea of what I started with.  It’s a small wooden entertainment unit from Knots Pine that has been stained.
Now, it is an antiqued side table with storage and painted a two tone white and grey.  I love this effect.  
Firstly I sanded the whole piece, then removed the doors.  I mixed up some chalk paint and tinted it grey.  Then painted the doors.  Some more chalk paint in white was added to the entire unit.  This was left to dry over night.  Then I gave the piece a light sand to remove the gritty bits that the chalk paint had left behind.  A little bit of distressing, then reattached the doors.  Finally I gave the whole unit a coat of furniture wax. 
This lovely unit is now situated next to our lounge.  I love it.  Not only does it have lots of storage, its a great height and not too deep. 
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Old Desk Make Over – The Reveal!

And here is my finished desk!
Let me remind you what I started with …

I started with the drawers, firstly glueing all the cracked drawers, then sanding and giving them an undercoat and a couple of overcoats of Antique White USA.  The insides of the drawers were very dirty so they were also sanded and painted.
The desk had no handles or hardware, so I purchased keyhole faceplates for the top drawers, which I spray painted black and attached.  I painted some wooden drawer knobs white and attached rub ons for the graphics, then gave them a coat of Modge Podge to protect them. 
The lower 4 drawers I purchased these cute black scolloped drawer pulls.
The body of the desk required a good sanding and cleaning.  Then was given an undercoat and 2 overcoats.
The top of the desk I decided to sand all the blue paint off down to the raw wood, then applied 3 coats of black stain and varnish to show through the natural wood.
As a finishing touch I added this adorable turquoise polkadot laminate to the insides of the drawers.
In the end I decided not to distress the paint as I actually liked the neat look of the finished paint.
I’m thrilled with the outcome of my first big project!
Just a reminder, I went from this …

To this… 
It’s a keeper! 🙂
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Ottoman to Oh Man!

We purchased 2 black ottoman/footstools about 5 years back BK (before kids).  They lasted us well, until we acquired a very playful kitten with very sharp claws, and a 2 year old who decided it would be fun to pick (okay, more like rip) the vinyl off the side of one of them, leaving a massive big tear.  Not impressed.  Anyway, what’s a girl to do.  Make over time!!!
Here’s the finished ottoman…
And here is a pic of what the ottoman looked like before, sporting the very unpleasant tear.
I turned to my stash of canvas drop cloth and made a basic cover for the ottoman.  Not too hard considering all the sides were equally square. 🙂
Then I printed some gorgeous transfers of vintage sewing advertisements and a sewing machine off The Graphics Fairy website and ironed them on.
I’m liking the transfers, but thinking I could probably add a few more for interest. 🙂
 Then I decided to secure it to the bottom with thumb tacks which can easily be taken out and the cover removed for washing. 🙂
I saw some similar ottomans for $300!!
I’ve already picked my stencils for the other ottoman which I’m planning on covering also.  I’ll keep you updated. 🙂
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