Vintage Chair Make Over – The Big Reveal!!!

So just a reminder of what I started with …

And now…
here is the finished chair (I still have the other one to do!).

Don’t you just love it!  
I recovered the fabric with canvas drop cloth.  Yep, I’m hooked on drop cloth. 🙂

Then I printed out this cool french graphic and cut it out with my cutting knife.
Then stencilled the graphic with black paint and added some gorgeous french red stripes.

I decided not to paint the body of the chair as it was in great condition already, instead giving it a good clean and a coat of furniture wax.

I love the contrast it brings to our table of white chairs.  

I’ll be putting the other one at the other end of the table when I’m finished. 🙂

I love my new look chair.  And best of all I had all the materials so it didn’t cost me a cent to do. 🙂
Just a quick reminder of the “before”…
And the “after”. 

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2 Responses to Vintage Chair Make Over – The Big Reveal!!!

  1. gillyflower says:

    It looks great! Love the drop cloth idea and it looks very french with the red stripe and lettering.

  2. clever! how much fun are you having? gorgeous! I love how the red stripes look too.

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